Automelodi is one of those bands that stand out as being ‘love at first hear’ in my world. From my introductory listen to the self-titled album I was hooked and dancing in my living room. The synthy beep boops-! My ears were really, really happy. By the middle of the album (I can pinpoint the moment to hearing ‘Buanderie Jazz’ for the first time) I was starting to lose it. It was music that included all of the song elements I love all at once, so I was really excited. I read up on the band and learned that Xavier Paradis (vocalist and driving force behind Automelodi) had some other great side projects such as Arnaud Lazlaud, Echo Kitty, and Liz & László. I’ve heavily listened to these side projects since hearing about them, but Automelodi seems to be a culmination of what he brought to all of those bands with an extra touch of magic. Yes. Magic. His vocals are particularly awesome because for the most part he sings in French, and utilizes plays on words a lot – the lyrics to ‘Schéma Corporel’ in particular are really clever (there’s a link to lyrics at the end of the post).

I listened to the self-titled album so much that I was actually concerned about whether I’d like his second full-length album, Surlendemains Acides, when it was released last October.


‘La Cigale’ was the first single I heard before the album’s release, and it assured me I had nothing to worry about. The song has an elegant progression that is calm, yet powerful. And the rest of the album was not a disappointment – lots of club hits amongst intriguing and beautiful instrumentals. The album was released shortly before I left for a trip to Iceland, so I have fond memories of driving around a snowy land while listening to amazing music.

Like what you hear? Check out Automelodi’s official site here. Not only can you buy the music there, but he’s uploaded all of his lyrics so you can sing along, or if you’re a student of French like me you can have the words available to translate. Thanks for the music, Xavier 🙂

P.S. I’m especially happy right now because I’ll be heading to Montréal this month and will finally get to see Automelodi perform live – expect a post about that in the future!

P.P.S. I just noticed that on the Surlendemains Acides album, someone is credited as being a ‘synthesizer ghost’ on one track. Can someone please tell me how I can grow up to be a synthesizer ghost? …I’m serious. That sounds like my dream job.

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