I’m pretty bad at labelling music with genres, but I’m trying to get better at it. Part of me rebels at the thought of trapping music in certain neat compartments – there’s a ton of genre overlap in most music I listen to these days. But it’s probably a necessary evil when writing about music, especially when trying to get the word out about some lesser known bands by being as descriptive as possible.


That being said, the Toronto band Vierance is giving me a bit more trouble than usual. All I know is that they’ve got synth, great bass lines, chilly ethereal vocals, and an atmospheric sense of mystery in each of their songs. The above tune, ‘Sybl’, was an initial favourite with its driving percussion and hypnotic vocals.


‘Raven’ is from Vierance’s new Semblance EP. The song is more subdued than Sybl, but the dream-like synths and at times pleadingly yelling vocals make for a soothing listen with a side of anxiety.

I haven’t been able to dig up too much info on this band – they appear to have been active for about a year and don’t have many articles or interviews out there yet. I hope this changes, because Vierance are an intriguingly dark n spooky duo that are well worth a listen. Check out their Bandcamp for more great songs here and their Facebook here.

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