I first heard this band when a friend in Montréal played their tape and was immediately charmed. I want to call this band adorable but I think that sounds a little too diminutive – however, I can’t help but think ‘sweet post-punk’ when I try to describe their sound. I have a big weakness for this awesome combo of drum machine, guitar, bass and lovely female vocals! ‘XXX Cachets’ is my favourite faster-paced tune off of their demo release, but it’s a hard choice – I’ve enjoyed listening to each song multiple times.



For a slower tempo, ‘Vaudou’ is a relaxing and beautiful listen – I find that the lo-fi quality of the demo recording really adds to the laid-back feeling in this song. I’d love to see this trio perform live songs from their demo and Sans Intérêts EP they had lined up to release, but alas it sounds as if they’ve already disbanded. You can enjoy the demo that they have up on Bandcamp here.

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