Nouvelle Phénomène


I found out about Nouvelle Phénomène from a friend on, and now they’re one of my top Summer 2014 bands! The songs are new wave/minimal synth, and many of them have a brilliant dance vibe like the above track. This band gets the dark vocals and vintage synth sound of the 80s just right.


Their slower tracks are also super catchy and very worth listening to, but their faster-paced ones like ‘Cruel Game’ are some of my favourites. Regarding the band itself, I couldn’t dig up much information besides that the members of Nouvelle Phénomène hail from Budapest. I’m keeping my eye out for their future releases, because I’ve loved all I’ve heard so far!

As far as I can tell, the best way to keep tabs on Nouvelle Phénomène is to follow their Soundcloud and Facebook. I’ve been discovering other bands I enjoy through their Facebook as they tend to frequently post links to other music there.

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