She Past Away – Belirdi Gece


As is probably pretty obvious by now, I’m a big fan of post-punk, gothic rock and minimal-synth. Bands that sing in a language other than English (bonus points for gravelly deep vocals) also tend to capture my attention fairly quickly. Love love love dark songs with heavenly guitars and driving rhythms. So when a band is able to combine all of the above elements in a really fucking masterful way I get weak in the knees.

The debut album from the Turkish band She Past Away is post-punk bliss. Disjointed and broken guttural vocals help create a disoriented feeling that is kept in check with steady drum machine beats. The guitar work is dizzying and uplifting amidst the otherwise dark atmosphere of the songs. I’m going to stop here, but I can’t really single out any of the tracks on this album to recommend to you first – it’s an excellent release from beginning to end. Check out the beautiful/haunting video for Sanrı below!

Support this awesome band so we can hear more from them – She Past Away can be found on Soundcloud here, the hard copy of Belirdi Gece can be purchased here, and a digital copy of their album can be bought here.

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