Veronica Vasicka in Vancouver


Veronica Vasicka, founder of Minimal Wave Records, is going to be doing a DJ gig here in Vancouver. I’m pretty excited about this – whenever I think the minimal synth scene isn’t alive in Vancouver, something like this is announced. Last month I was pleased to hear that Marie Davidson will be playing a show here with Cosmetics next month, and I also just heard about a new-ish coldwave/synth DJ night called Transmission that apparently happens the first Thursday of every month at Dunlevy Snackbar (don’t quote me on this – I can’t find any information online about it, but I’ll be checking it out next month.)

Anyway, if any of you locals are interested in checking out Veronica Vasicka spinning some amazing tracks live, the event info is here. This is also probably a good time to repost Veronica’s list of the 20 best minimal wave records ever made – definitely check it out if you haven’t seen it before.

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