I discovered this fun band thanks to Pornograffity on last.fm. BXOPE (romanized to VHORE) is a new-ish band from Tomsk, Russia. BXOPE has a lot going for them – post punk style female vocals and guitars, drum machine and great synth work. Their songs are sometimes dreamy, sometimes frantic, always beautiful. The above track, Кафка (Kafka), is filled with absurdist poetry lyrics and a carefree attitude.

Unfortunately there’s only a few songs up on their Bandcamp as of now. I was lucky enough to receive a full album of theirs, and after a listen I think you’ll want to keep an eye on this band if Russian style post punk/synth wave bands are your thing. Also very tough to find any info on this band online (in my case, because my Russian comprehension is zero), however here’s what appears to be their official webpage.


Yes, I’m horrible at updating…I have about 20 bands and musicians I’m planning to write about, however I’m pretty lazy in the summer. But I wanted to share this awesome track off of aufnahme + wiedergabe’s White Circles compilation.

I’ve briefly mentioned //zoo on this blog before – they’re one of my favourite Vancouver live acts. Smoky, mysterious soundscapes are what define their self-proclaimed “fuck music.” Blood and Cedar is filled with shadows and is probably my favourite //zoo song, and the darkly sensual Softcore is a close second. Check out more songs on their Soundcloud here.