Figure Study

Figure Study is a minimal synth band based in NYC. According to the description of their self-titled LP on Dark Entries, members Nathan Antolik and April Chalpara met at a Wierd Party event in 2009 and began collaborating soon after. Their music evokes a sense of gloomy foreboding while still remaining very danceable. Loneliness and distance tinge each song, but the soundscape somehow leaves the listener feeling energized instead of desolate. This is an album I’d love to listen to while walking the streets of a city I’ve never been to before, at night.

In addition to their debut LP, Figure Study also has one single available. ‘Lesson One’ was my introduction to this great band, and remains one of my favourites. You can listen to Figure Study by buying their music from Dark Entries, visiting their Soundcloud, or streaming on Spotify or Rdio.

Sumerian Fleet

Dark Entries released Sumerian Fleet’s new LP a couple of months ago and I’m just getting around to listening to it today. If you like dark synth tracks with some industrial/EBM influences, this album is for you. The Dutch band utilizes a bunch of vintage analog gear and wonderfully gothic male vocals, sounds fantastic! Couldn’t find a Bandcamp or Soundcloud to link to, but you can buy/listen to the songs here at Dark Entries and check out their title track below!