Automelodi – Lendemain acide no2

Good news on this Friday the 13th – Automelodi has a Bandcamp now, and not only does it have his excellent 2nd full-length album, he also uploaded a single from last year that was previously hard to find. Lendemain acide no2 is fun, dancy and is the newest track available from Automelodi, so you bet I listen to it a lot while I wait for future releases!

Ghost Twin – Here We Are In The Night

After hearing a couple of tracks from Ghost Twin’s debut album last month, I was really excited to hear the rest of their material . Today is the official release of Here We Are In The Night, and I’m having a mini dance party to celebrate!


The opening track ‘Chymical Wedding’ is spooky synthpop at its best. Beautifully bleak lyrics give this song a really melancholy feel. Karen’s powerful vocals are in the spotlight here, perfectly conveying a feeling of yearning and loss.

‘Mystic Sabbath’ is the ultimate song choice if you need an anthem for your upcoming witches’ gathering. It’s also a prime example of fantastic dark synthpop. My boyfriend walked by as I was playing this song and said, “This is fun! Is it new Ashbury Heights?” I can definitely hear elements in ‘Mystic Sabbath’ that are also present in AH and other great synth-based bands that I love. And I love the contrast between Karen and Jaimz’s voices here!

The title track of this album sounds sorrowful, yet seductive. I especially enjoy the variety of haunting beep boops in this song! I’ve been finding myself humming the chorus all day, and consider this another of my favourites from the album.

‘The Vulture’ is a more downtempo song that showcases Jaimz’s powerful, gravelly vocals. In my mind, this is the song you put on when you spot that special someone across the room and must make them yours.


The second half of the album is comprised of remixes. Truth be told, I can be a little iffy on remixes, but these are well done. My favourite is the ‘We Are The Night (vvinter rainbovv remix)’. It incorporates some fun witchouse vibes, complete with lots of spooky wooooos.

All in all, I really recommend taking a listen to this release! It’s all up on Ghost Twin’s Bandcamp page now, and if you like what you hear there’s a few different options for purchasing the album. You can buy the digital download only, the CD, or a VHS of the first four tracks synced to their analog visuals. I heard a rumour that there might be a fun easter egg on there for Goths! fans, and their live visuals sound like they’re quite something, so that’s the option I chose to scoop up. Happy listening!

Ghost Twin

Are you ready for some gothik synthpop from Winnipeg? I know you’re intrigued. Karen and Jaimz Asmundson have started a fun dark electronic project called Ghost Twin. I’m loving both of their vocals and, as with most of the music I enjoy, the synth goodness. Right now you can hear the first couple of tracks from their upcoming release on their Bandcamp page, and I’m definitely looking forward to hearing the rest in April!

On a different, but tangentially related note – I’ve been rooting for these two to get together ever since Jaimz was sobbing about the disturbing lack of black lipstick and Karen was a hot dead goth girl. If you have no idea what I’m talking about, please watch Goths! On The Bus! asap.

Pleasure Symbols


Just heard this song off of the new two-track release from Pleasure Symbols, and it’s mesmerizing! Dark and droning coldwave with some post-punk flavour thrown in, this Brisbane band is definitely going to be on my radar when it comes to future releases. Ultraviolence is the other track on this release and definitely worth a listen; evokes feelings of a descending, shadowy dystopia. Head on over to their Bandcamp here to check out both excellent songs.

Surrounded By Synths


I found this photo on Black Marble’s page and it got me to thinking about how much I love photos of artists surrounded by lots of synths. It makes me giggle and envious all at once. I’ve seen a ton while checking up on artists that I enjoy, but haven’t been saving them as I go and am having problems finding my favourites now.


This guy is having a good day life.


My favourites tend to be with the artist surrounded by all of his/her synths, staring confidentially into the camera. “This is my dowry. If you link your life to mine in a romantic fashion,” (arm sweep) “this can all be yours!” And what better dowry could one ask for, really?

A friend pointed me in the direction of Sexy Men Of The Synthesizer, which is a great Tumblr but doesn’t necessarily have as many “surrounded in synths” photos as I am looking for. I’m also looking to find more photos of women/non-binary synth players! If you can point me in the direction of anything like this feel free to leave a comment 🙂

Animal Bodies – The Killing Scene


This weekend one of my favourite synthy Vancouver bands, Animal Bodies, released their newest dark musical offering. The Killing Scene is a fantastic release from start to finish – I’ve been waiting for some of these songs to be released for a couple of years. I remember watching a live clip 2 years ago of them playing the first track from this release (‘Start The Suffocation’) and falling in love – Animal Bodies melds EBM, darkwave, and synthpunk flawlessly and the result is catchy as hell! The second track ‘Sex Power’ is reminiscent of some of their earlier songs from their Kiss Of The Fang EP, also highly worth checking out.


I’ve had this album on repeat for a few days, surrounded by candles and watching it pour rain outside – I’m fairly certain life couldn’t get any better. To top it off, Animal Bodies sound great recorded, but their live shows aren’t to be missed. They’re doing a tour of the west coast and starting off this weekend in Vancouver, so keep an eye on their Facebook page if you want to catch them – you won’t regret it. As always, please support the artists if you like what you hear: Bandcamp and Official Website.



Picked up this beauty from Arturia a few days ago and have had fun beginning the (long!) journey to figuring out how to manipulate it. It’s incredible how many sounds this machine can make! Cristine from Police des Moeurs (who you should check out if you haven’t heard their music – great minimal wave from Montréal) recommended this synth when I asked for her opinion, and said it was comparable to the Roland SH-101 which I’d had my eye on. The MiniBrute is much cheaper though, and is tiny enough to be quite portable too which is a big bonus. I’m very excited 🙂


Automelodi is one of those bands that stand out as being ‘love at first hear’ in my world. From my introductory listen to the self-titled album I was hooked and dancing in my living room. The synthy beep boops-! My ears were really, really happy. By the middle of the album (I can pinpoint the moment to hearing ‘Buanderie Jazz’ for the first time) I was starting to lose it. It was music that included all of the song elements I love all at once, so I was really excited. I read up on the band and learned that Xavier Paradis (vocalist and driving force behind Automelodi) had some other great side projects such as Arnaud Lazlaud, Echo Kitty, and Liz & László. I’ve heavily listened to these side projects since hearing about them, but Automelodi seems to be a culmination of what he brought to all of those bands with an extra touch of magic. Yes. Magic. His vocals are particularly awesome because for the most part he sings in French, and utilizes plays on words a lot – the lyrics to ‘Schéma Corporel’ in particular are really clever (there’s a link to lyrics at the end of the post).

I listened to the self-titled album so much that I was actually concerned about whether I’d like his second full-length album, Surlendemains Acides, when it was released last October.


‘La Cigale’ was the first single I heard before the album’s release, and it assured me I had nothing to worry about. The song has an elegant progression that is calm, yet powerful. And the rest of the album was not a disappointment – lots of club hits amongst intriguing and beautiful instrumentals. The album was released shortly before I left for a trip to Iceland, so I have fond memories of driving around a snowy land while listening to amazing music.

Like what you hear? Check out Automelodi’s official site here. Not only can you buy the music there, but he’s uploaded all of his lyrics so you can sing along, or if you’re a student of French like me you can have the words available to translate. Thanks for the music, Xavier 🙂

P.S. I’m especially happy right now because I’ll be heading to Montréal this month and will finally get to see Automelodi perform live – expect a post about that in the future!

P.P.S. I just noticed that on the Surlendemains Acides album, someone is credited as being a ‘synthesizer ghost’ on one track. Can someone please tell me how I can grow up to be a synthesizer ghost? …I’m serious. That sounds like my dream job.