Now is a good time to pick up some music by Animal Bodies

It appears that this weekend somebody broke into the vehicle belonging to Animal Bodies and stole their gear. If you’ve been waffling on buying some of their music, now is a good chance to grab some and help them out while you’re at it. You can purchase their music here at their Bandcamp. Below is Sex Power, one of my favourite tracks from their most recent (and very amazing) album.

Moev live show

Moev have announced that they’re performing a live show at the Otalith Music Festival this August in Ucluelet, BC. I think their live shows are very few and far between these days, and I myself haven’t been able to catch them live before, so I’m beyond excited! I wanted to get the word out there about the show in case any other die hard fans can make it out. The event info is here, and I’ll end this post with a clip of what is probably my favourite Moev song ever:

Flowers & Fire

I shouldn’t be surprised to hear of yet another amazing Vancouver post-punk band – after all, this is the city that brings us Spectres, Mode Moderne, and about a hundred other bands I’m kicking myself for forgetting to mention. However, Flowers & Fire (who just released their demo on Bandcamp here a few days ago) have a completely old school sound that is making me VERY excited to see them play live tonight. Definitely check them out if you’re feeling nostalgic for great 80s post-punk.

Fake Tears

Just a quick post about a great local band that played a show here in Vancouver last night. Fake Tears are a synthpop duo who play somewhat eerie tunes that are super catchy. They’re fun and I’m really enjoying the songs they have up on their Bandcamp page here, and looking forward to future releases from them!

Animal Bodies – The Killing Scene


This weekend one of my favourite synthy Vancouver bands, Animal Bodies, released their newest dark musical offering. The Killing Scene is a fantastic release from start to finish – I’ve been waiting for some of these songs to be released for a couple of years. I remember watching a live clip 2 years ago of them playing the first track from this release (‘Start The Suffocation’) and falling in love – Animal Bodies melds EBM, darkwave, and synthpunk flawlessly and the result is catchy as hell! The second track ‘Sex Power’ is reminiscent of some of their earlier songs from their Kiss Of The Fang EP, also highly worth checking out.


I’ve had this album on repeat for a few days, surrounded by candles and watching it pour rain outside – I’m fairly certain life couldn’t get any better. To top it off, Animal Bodies sound great recorded, but their live shows aren’t to be missed. They’re doing a tour of the west coast and starting off this weekend in Vancouver, so keep an eye on their Facebook page if you want to catch them – you won’t regret it. As always, please support the artists if you like what you hear: Bandcamp and Official Website.

Weird Candle

On Saturday I went to see Weird Candle & Animal Bodies play a show at a cozy venue here in Vancouver along with another couple of great bands (Mosfett and Sexless). Animal Bodies backed out of the show that day – they’re one of my favourite dark/coldwave bands here in my home city, and was sorry to miss them – but Weird Candle delivered a live show above and beyond what I’d expected, so I had a rad time!


Rob is the vocalist of Weird Candle, and he said Saturday was their 3rd time ever playing live. I’d been really enjoying the two songs of theirs that I’d checked out on Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago – dark, synthy, with echoey and energetic vocals.  When the Weird Candle duo took the stage, from the opening beep boops of the synth the crowd was dancing, whistling and air-horning. This was some of the most fun I’ve had at a show since moving to Vancouver almost 2 years ago 🙂


 Photos from the show via Shane Burzynski – check out his great live show photos at his site here.

Both Weird Candle members on stage



There’s not much more I can add – these are good people, the songs are killer (they’ve added more to their page recently!), check their music out here and Facebook page here. And if you’re located close enough to catch a live show, doooo iiiit.