Weird Candle

On Saturday I went to see Weird Candle & Animal Bodies play a show at a cozy venue here in Vancouver along with another couple of great bands (Mosfett and Sexless). Animal Bodies backed out of the show that day – they’re one of my favourite dark/coldwave bands here in my home city, and was sorry to miss them – but Weird Candle delivered a live show above and beyond what I’d expected, so I had a rad time!


Rob is the vocalist of Weird Candle, and he said Saturday was their 3rd time ever playing live. I’d been really enjoying the two songs of theirs that I’d checked out on Bandcamp a couple of weeks ago – dark, synthy, with echoey and energetic vocals.  When the Weird Candle duo took the stage, from the opening beep boops of the synth the crowd was dancing, whistling and air-horning. This was some of the most fun I’ve had at a show since moving to Vancouver almost 2 years ago 🙂


 Photos from the show via Shane Burzynski – check out his great live show photos at his site here.

Both Weird Candle members on stage



There’s not much more I can add – these are good people, the songs are killer (they’ve added more to their page recently!), check their music out here and Facebook page here. And if you’re located close enough to catch a live show, doooo iiiit.